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Do you require any of the following changes to your site?

Product changes

Product additions

Pricing changes

Updates to your calendar

Home page changes

Content changes

Specials or sales

Forums and news groups

Adding or maintaining links

Site "makeovers"

Employee changes

Company news updates

Registration updates with search engines

It is frequently thought that companies can save money by having their own staff make modifications to the website. This is in error: Professional site directors perform this task better. We do this every day.

We have seen this happen with a "basic" site that we designed for one of our clients. The staff took over upgrading and in 2 months the website had broken links and the navigation structure was in shambles. The "saving" was certainly lost in the appearance of the website.

Sites can be unintentionally damaged by inept "updating". Links can be broken or lost, records exposed or deleted. Our Web Maintenance Plan ensures your investment. We watch over your site on an ongoing basis.

if you feel your site needs a chances "makeover" we can help you get another look., while keeping the attractive elements. We can also provide data, for example, what number of visitors your site has, and what they look at while visiting. This allows you to make on decisions about both site content and navigation elements. We are here to guide you. Your site is stayed up with the latest. Content editing can be accomplished with updated data. Simply email the information or pictures and we will upload it, rapidly, with a trained eye to the overall impact of your site.

We manage your website. Using modern technologies, we can monitor your website and roll out improvements that improve your site's performance. We insure that all features are functional.

If we have kindled your interest, we are looking forward to your request. We are available for questions anytime by phone, email or in a personal meeting.

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