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Custom Web Portal Development

Custom Web Portal Development

Delta Star Technologies and creativity to build interactive, dynamic, creative and efficient web portal solutions for its client. Web Portals are a dynamic and developmental platform for economic and social transformation. Web Portals are entryways into the Internet for some users.

Web portal is a website works as a point of access to information on the globally. Portals present information from diverse sources in a unified way. The concept of a portal, traditionally used for client portals, is now being applied to business users who are also consumers of information and services. Enterprise Portals deliver information and app services to its various stakeholders. We provide consultancy, development and re-engineering services touching to creation, improving and reinforcing of a web identity.

Community Portal: We provide community portals featuring Content, Communication and Convergent.

E-Marketplace Portal: E-Marketplace Portal is based on Commercial, Collaborative and Convergent tactics.

Enterprise Portal : Enterprise Portal is proactive, customizable and extensible. Enterprise Portals has Universal Information Access.

If we have kindled your interest, we are looking forward to your request. We are available for questions anytime by phone, email or in a personal meeting.

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