Why Mobile Apps are necessity for Today business?


Since mobile users are increasing day to day so is the need for every business to have effective mobile apps that can offer uninterrupted mobile services to user.

Why Mobile Apps are necessity for business

  1. User Experience: Mobile Apps provide good user experience, Mobile apps are executed on devices itself so it will minimise transaction between screen. So its very convenient for user to use, and once user has installed your apps and like product and services that you offer, he/ she will be your permanent customer.
  2. Branding : Mobile apps will give you great branding of your business, It will work as great reminder, Every time users swipes his phone he will see your enterprises, so branding will automatically done.
  3. Push Notification: Great advance of having mobile apps ability to send push notification to user for their best deal, new offer, product lunch, discounts etc. Push notifications increase probability of turning business offer into sales more frequently.

Consider These Key Facts:

  • People are spending more time online today in comparison to any other media
  • Time spent per day on mobile phones has increased about 575% in just 3 years
  • About 62% of the world population can change their mind about the brand, if the brand provides opportunities for mobile access, mobile apps or purchase goods and services via Smartphone.
  • About 80% of the time spent on mobile phones is spent using apps
  • Mobile Apps provide a user experience which ‘Responsive Websites’ are unable to offer.
  • ‘Internet of Things’ devices are mobile apps centrist

Therefore, mobile apps are becoming the dominating form of digital interaction. Also, whether they use mobile phones, tablets, Smartphone, they have all the information they require and that’s why mobile apps are extremely essential in today’s business environment.

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