12 Easy Steps to create First business Website

  1. What do you imagine people would want to do on your site?

Example: seeing the menu and prices of a restaurant, obtaining information about products/services, finding out locations etc.

  1. Register a domain name that’s easy to remember and matching to your business

Choose a domain name register with domain name provider, Read More “12 Easy Steps to create First business Website”

Operational Tips for Startup

If you are planning to start business/Startup, do not just dream, start working  with dedication and honesty, sure you are going to rock.There are few things which I have analyse from my experience that every startup CEO should take care. Read More “Operational Tips for Startup”

SEO is Now ‘Search Experience Optimization’

Search Engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing have been upgrading their algorithm and making it easier for end user experience. Since their algorithms are build upon the work completed by automated tools. It has been always difficult for them to truly show the result of end user and its not possible to develop algorithm take feedback of each individual user that submit their finding and display true result. Read More “SEO is Now ‘Search Experience Optimization’”

Key Features Every Small Business Website Must Have

If you are owner of today’s business, you must have website, Online presence is necessary if you want to maximize your success. Your website may work for you when you will be sleeping, when any one search business through search engine to find services he may be interested. Even if you don’t sell anything, your customer can get your contact information and your location on map and stop by person. Read More “Key Features Every Small Business Website Must Have”

Use Color to Improve Your Website Conversion

Research studies exploring the influence of color on our decision-making, clearly demonstrate that visuals are a top factor when making a purchase decision. One recent study pointed out that it takes about 90 seconds for a customer to form an opinion about a product and 62-90% of this decision is based solely on its color. Read More “Use Color to Improve Your Website Conversion”


The success of any startup relies on having an idea whose time has come, then having the passion to see that idea become a reality.

Before jumping into business, do all R&D related to product/ quality/ outsourcing and market research and bucket size of your business.

I have consulted many clients for their eCommerce startup (eCommerce portal development/ mobile apps development and digital marketing planning), I have analysed few thing that should be taken while starting eCommerce business, It will assured you success of your business. Read More “HOW TO SUCCEED AT AN ECOMMERCE START-UP”