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Delta Star Technologies is the leading India based software development firm established in 2011. It was founded in India and is based in New Delhi.

At Delta Star Technologies, we will work together to far exceed client expectation by consistently delivering service excellence through continuous improvement in quality. We will also work towards achieving consistent growth for each of Delta Star's family members as well as the entire organization with the support of an empowered team."

Delta star Technologies is a web design & development company, serving domestic & overseas clients in India, US, UK & Europe. The Company are constantly in the process of updating our software skills adopting new technologies that can perform better functions.



We help companies think ahead., Business today is evolving faster than at any other time in history, and tomorrow there are going to be challenges we can't even imagine today.


The Planning Phase

This will be the start of conceptualizing the information and ideas you collected from the first phase.

1. Requirement analysis

2. Project Charter

3. Technologies Outline.

4. Create an outline of the site content

5. Create functional flow chart

6. Document programmatic flow

Key Players: Stakeholders
/Customer, Product Managers


The Design Phase

Drawing from the information gathered up to this point, it's time to determine the look and feel of your site.

1. A Strategy Session and Design Brief

2. Create color layouts.

3. Create style guide.

4. Home Page Design and Review

5. Interior Page Design & Reviews .

6. Blog Roll and Blog Post Design.

Key Players:Product Manag-
ers,Project Managers,
Development Team


The Development Phase

Upon completion of each distinct page design, we move into Development Phase of the project where the designs are translated into code by our development team.

1. Develop style sheets

2. Develop Web page templates

3. Programming functionality

4. Setup CMS/ CMS development

5. Backed Development

6. Integration of frontend with backend CMS

Key Players: Stakeholders
/Customer, Product Managers


The Development Phase

We have the project developed; now we are ready to show the world! While we've come a long way, we aren't out of the woods yet.

1. Crafting

2. Push to production environment

3. Testing-Functionality and Cross browser & Responsive checks

4. Documentation handoff

5. Additional Client training

6. Final Thoughts

Key Players: Stakeholders
/Customer, Product Managers


Clients are assured of our support at all levels, , including from the top management.

Client Relationship

Delta Star Technologies as the name suggests, refers to friendship, togetherness and unity, with and without doubt this is the primary motto of our company.

Best IT Services Provide by us.

We believe that service is our single largest differentiator. We work for the best interests of our clients, first understanding your requirements and then tailoring the best possible solution for you.

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